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This service is designed for couples who have meticulously planned every aspect and detail of their wedding but rightly want to enjoy the most beautiful day of their lives without stress and worries.

BEFORE: Two weeks before the wedding, we will organize a meeting with the couple and suppliers to create a detailed event schedule and ensure smooth coordination for the big day.

THE WEDDING DAY: On the wedding day, we will put all our experience at your disposal, so you don't have to worry about whether everything is going as planned. We will take care of it all. You, the couple, will be the stars of your most beautiful film, and our team will be the directors. We will personally manage the entire organizational structure, ensuring every planned detail and time frame is executed with precision. We are also ready to find solutions for any unforeseen events.

THE NEXT DAY: Once the wedding is over, we will handle the coordination of returning rented materials, returning equipment to suppliers, and supervising the dismantling of the entire event.

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