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This package is designed for couples who have partially planned their wedding, selected the venue, and secured most suppliers, but seek assistance with completing setup and decorations, as well as managing timing and coordinating providers.

ONE MONTH BEFORE: One month before the big day, we will arrange an initial consultation to plan the coordination of the entire event. Following this, we will schedule meetings with the suppliers you have chosen for inspections at a location conducive to planning the entire day.

THE WEDDING DAY: On your wedding day, we will leverage our experience to ensure everything runs smoothly according to plan, allowing you to focus on being the stars of your special day. Our team will manage the entire organizational structure, ensuring each detail and timeline is executed with precision. We are prepared to handle unforeseen events and find solutions as needed.

THE NEXT DAY: After the wedding concludes, we will handle the coordination of returning rented materials, returning equipment to suppliers, and overseeing the dismantling of the entire event.

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